Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques - Mission

David Saint-Jacques

In 2018, Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques will be launched aboard a Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS).

Launch scheduled for November 2018

Mission length: 6 months

More details to come this fall!

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Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques has been assigned to a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Mr. Saint-Jacques will launch aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket in November 2018 to join an international crew onboard the orbiting laboratory. Expedition 58/59 will be the first mission for David Saint-Jacques and will mark the 17th space flight for the Canadian Astronaut Corps. During his time in space, the astronaut will conduct a series of scientific experiments, robotics tasks and technology demonstrations, the details of which will be revealed later this year.

In addition to his extensive training, the Quebec native will bring his expertise in medicine, engineering and astrophysics to the Expedition 58/59 crew. In anticipation of this first assignment, David Saint-Jacques will begin specialized mission training in Russia, Japan, the United States and Canada starting this Summer and for the next two years until his launch.


"Today, I stand on the shoulders of all the astronauts who came before me. They inspired me—they were my role models. They sparked my curiosity about space and made me want to experience spaceflight for myself. Space exploration is the next step for humanity, and I am proud to be part of it. I would like to thank the Canadian Space Agency for giving me this incredible opportunity. I am humbled to represent Canada on this mission and promise to give it my very best."

- David Saint-Jacques, Canadian Space Agency Astronaut

Images of David Saint-Jacques

Image 1

Water Survival Training

Water survival training

Image 2

David Saint-Jacques ready for spacewalk training

Spacewalk training

Image 3

Canada from Space Giant Floor Map

Canada from Space Giant Floor Map unveiling

Image 4

CSA Astronaut David Saint-Jacques

Robotics familiarization session

Image 5

David Saint-Jacques' first NBL training

Spacewalk training

Image 6

David Saint-Jacques during an Aquarius laboratory training

Aquarius laboratory training

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