International satellites supporting disaster management

The International Charter "Space and Major Disasters" is an international effort to put space technology at the service of rescue and emergency responders in the event of a major disaster. When the Charter is activated, its members make satellite images of devastated regions available to support relief efforts. Armed quickly with reliable and accurate information, response teams are better equipped to save lives and limit damage to property, infrastructure and the environment.

As a member of the Charter, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) provides satellite imagery to help mitigate the effects of natural disasters.

Eruption of Mount Mayon in the Philippines –

The eruption of Mount Mayon in the Philippines has forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate. Large quantities of lava and ash are making relief operations particularly difficult.

RADARSAT-2 imagery has provided support to rescue teams on the ground. More information on the eruption of Mount Mayon in the Philippines.

The collaborative response of the CSA and other space agencies during natural disasters is governed by the International Charter "Space and Major Disasters."

Credit: CSA

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