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Canadian Space Agency

The organization, the President, the Minister, the benefits of space exploration, and contact information.



Mission, essential functions, key areas of activity, and organizational chart.

Contact us

Contact information of CSA headquarters, the David Florida Laboratory, the Gatineau office, and Client Service.


The most frequently asked questions about funding, internships and employment opportunities.


Biography of Lisa Campbell, President of the CSA.

Science Advisor to the President

Biography of Dr. Sarah Gallagher, CSA's Science Advisor to the President.


Biography of the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

Everyday benefits of space exploration

Examples of how innovations stemming from space science and technology enhance our daily lives.

Laboratories and warehouse

Laboratories, clean rooms and warehouse.


Space Policy Framework, the state of the sector, audit reports and information documents.

David Florida Laboratory (DFL)

More information on the DFL, where spacecraft are assembled, integrated and tested.

Canadian space milestones

Milestones in the Canadian space adventure.


Photos of the CSA's headquarters, located in Saint-Hubert, Quebec.

Notices and copyright

Copyright / permission to reproduce images and videos, privacy notice, official languages notice, accessibility.

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