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Frequently asked questions - Canadian Space Agency

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  • What is the Canadian Space Agency (CSA)?

    Visit the CSA page to learn more.

  • Where is the CSA located?

    The headquarters of the CSA is in Saint-Hubert, Quebec. The CSA also has offices in Gatineau, Houston, Washington and Paris.

    All of our contact information can be found on the Contact us page.

  • How can I get to the CSA?

    Visit the Contact us page for the addresses of our various offices.

  • How can I contact the CSA?

    Visit the Contact us page for our contact information.

  • Can the CSA answer my questions in English or French?

    As a Canadian federal agency, the CSA can answer your questions in either English or French, Canada's official languages.

  • Where does funding for the CSA come from?

    The CSA's annual budget is allocated by the federal government.

    In , the CSA's budget was around $260 million.

  • What are the benefits of Canada's space involvement?

    Visit the Everyday benefits of space exploration page to learn more.

  • How can I get a job or internship at the CSA?

    Visit the Job Bank page on the Government of Canada website.

  • Does the CSA offer scholarships or internships to foreign students?

    The CSA does not offer scholarships or internships to foreign students. To be considered for an internship or a job at the CSA, a student must be enrolled in one of the approved programs of the Government of Canada. As a Canadian federal government agency, the CSA must abide by the Directive on Student Employment. Foreign students may visit the IAESTE's website in order to explore other internship possibilities.

  • What do I need to do to work in the space sector?

    Please visit the following webpages:

  • Where can I buy CSA merchandise?

    You can purchase CSA merchandise, along with a wide variety of other items related to astronauts and space, on the Ingenium online boutique.

  • How do I download a video from the CSA website?
    1. Click on the "Download" tab below the video.
    2. Check the "I'm not a robot" box.
    3. If prompted, take the captcha test and click on the "Verify" button.
    4. Click on the "Download this video"
    5. Choose "Save as," and save the video in the location of your choice.
  • Where can I find images on the CSA website?

    Please visit our image gallery. Please also refer to the Copyright / Permission to reproduce section to find out about the usage restrictions of our images.

  • How can I invite a CSA astronaut or expert to participate in my event?

    To invite an astronaut or a speaker, please fill out an invitation form at least one month prior to your event.


  • What do I do if I experience technical difficulties while navigating this website?

    Kindly email the webmaster at with a brief description of the problem.

  • I can't find what I'm looking for on the CSA website. Who can I contact?

    Please contact client service. Visit the Contact us page for our contact information.


  • Are comets and asteroids a threat to our world?

    Comets and asteroids, as well as space debris, are closely monitored.

    NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) is responsible for ensuring the early detection of potentially hazardous objects – asteroids and comets whose orbits are predicted to bring them within 0.05 astronomical units of Earth, and that are large enough (30 to 50 metres) to cause significant damage on Earth.

    More information on comets and asteroids and on the PDCO.

  • Why is Mars red?

    Mars is known as the "red planet" due to its reddish hue caused by oxidized iron (or rust) on the planet's surface. You can learn more about Mars and Mars exploration on our website.

  • I think I found a meteorite or space debris. Does the CSA keep these objects?

    The CSA does not identify, store or keep records about space debris or meteorites found on Earth.


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